Teach English to your kids while playing Games by Zanbor app

  • Available on Andriod and IOS in any mobile and tablet device
  • Include Visual, auditory and written forms
  • Standard and appealing Pronunciation
  • Up-to-date and standard content and beautiful graphics
  • Various and lovely animations to attract kids
  • Popular and entertaining kids’ songs to increase concentration and focus
Zanbor App

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Zanbor is an English language learning app for children between the ages of 3 to 12, with its attractive graphics and exciting sounds that are so interesting and engaging for children in these ages. Zanbor is a unique product that familiarize children with the written, visual and auditory forms of English letters in the form of a game. In order to make this app, it has been tried to get out of formal education and integrate it with fun and excitement to make learning process an enjoyable experiment for children. Kids can learn letters (lower and upper case), numbers and words in English choosing different sections in Zanbor app. Each section includes visual, auditory and written forms.

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